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Crystal Healing*Crystal Healing
Crystal healing has been around for many years, it was used by the Ancient Egyptians, the Bible has over 200 references to crystals.

The word crystal is derived from the Greek for ice, they believed that crystals were so frozen that they were beyond thawing. Crystals are made up of minerals from the earth and have been formed over millions of years.

Crystals emit energy, many of you may be aware of quartz crystals that are used to operate clocks, watches etc. We get the energies from the crystal into the body by using the chakras. We all have chakras within our body, they are wheels of energy, the body has many lines of energy flowing throughout it and where these lines cross 21 times there is a major chakra, these are located down the centre of the body. Crystals are placed on the body over the chakra, they may also be placed in other areas of the body, especially if there is a problem such as an injured shoulder or neck problems.

A crystal healer also works within the aura or the energy field surrounding the body and will use crystals and crystal wants to treat the aura.

Most treatments last beetween 45 minutes to one hour.

For more information you may like to contact Michelle Dubock BCMA. Reg. a qualified Crystal Therapist on 07952 516639 email or visit her website