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Psychogenic infertility refers to infertility that has no physiological causative factor. Primary infertility is where neither partner has conceived before. Secondary infertility is where conception has occured in previous relationships but not in the current one.

There may be many causes of psychogenic infertility including anxieties about parenting,financial concerns,relationship issues,career issues, previous traumas and perhaps sexual issues.

Hypnotherapy helps by bringing concerns into awareness using a variety of techniques that are aimed to give control back to the patient breaking down anxieties and allowing the body to prepar

This 20th century problem can also be addressed through Acupuncture, often with literally life changing results.

Stop Press!!
Acupuncture may help women undergoing IVF fertility treatment" as shown by recent research at the University of Southampton, says spokesperson Dr Ying Cheong. Success rate was approximately 1 in 3 compared with 1 in 5 without, when treated before and during embryo transfer. Acupuncture helps to prepare the hopeful mother to be by increasing blood nourishment, where it is needed. It brings about relaxation by calming natural anxieties giving a better chance to achieve successful conception.